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2 year old using Venn diagrams

Ven Diagrams....AMAZING!

At our international institutes "The Power of Making Thinking Visible" participants have the opportunity to observe various classes and see the theory in action.

Just watch this VIDEO to witness the power of using thinking as a pedagogical strategy for learning with a group of 2 year old children!

Well done to our amazing teacher: Judy Granados for such inspirational work!

Major International Conferences

Edu1st is present at Major International Conferences

At Edu1st, we believe education is a dynamic processes. The learners are not only the children, but their parents, ourselves, the whole community.

We are living in exponential times. Education needs to change and understand we cannot continue teaching for the industrial era using ideas from 100 years ago. Research is providing us new tools to understand our brains' potential. 21st Century is demanding new skills from us that were unknown a decade ago. Today, more than ever, Ethics and values are crucial for our world future.

Collaborative work is leading the way. Different disciplines are now integrating their knowledge to create a better future. At Edu1st we understand this and we actively participate world wide in various conferences. We are presenting and sharing our work with the world and we are also learning from leading researchers and practitioners.

More information on the learning from these conferences and how your children are learning at our schools will be provided at the coffee mornings, the weekly news letters and on a daily basis through the experience your child is enjoying at the school.

Feel free to contact us for any comment or inquiry.

April 2011

Artist of the month: Romero Britto



Educadores en Latinoamérica ponen sus ojos en Florida

Las herramientas que me llevo hoy del Instituto enriquecerán mucho nuestro proyecto pedagógico. Mil gracias por compartir con nosotros tan maravillosa filosofía educativa.

Weston, Florida, 5 de agosto /PRNewswire/ -- El pasado mes de mayo, 24 educadoras de alto nivel de Colombia, México y Argentina dedicaron una semana entera al Instituto Internacional "El Poder de Hacer el Pensamiento Visible en los Niños". Los educadores visitaron los colegios de Education First Inc. en el condado de Broward, en el Sur de Florida y presenciaron numerosas charlas y sesiones de grupo orientadas al entrenamiento en el Pensamiento Visible; metodología de la Universidad de Harvard, que Education First Inc. ha sido el pionero en su implementación a nivel preescolar.

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